CardPresso ID Card Software


CardPresso ID card software is the ultimate tool for your professional ID card production in a user-friendly way, designed to have the best performance with large databases with and without photos. cardPresso facilitates all type of tasks related to card production such as the design, print and encode of ID cards.

The suitable product for all type of organizations. Start now the creation of your own ID cards for universities, governmental, large companies, registration, identification, casinos and access control. Continuous development and free updates ensure that you will have the best experience!

CardPresso, the software for all printers.
CardPresso -
XXS with the basic features for card design and printing using predefined templates, signature acquisition, edit view for text data input, database view, barcodes 1D, WIA/TWAIN/DirectShow acquisition, magnetic encoding support, internal document database with photo connection, database table create & edit and browse/find records.

XS adds QR codes, document password protection, production mode and .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV and .TXT database connection.

XM adds local MS Access and SQLite connection, photo on database, FaceCrop tool for face recognition and 2D barcodes.

XL adds ODBC connection, RFID contactless direct encoding, Smartcard direct encoding, Smartcard plugin, Internal and External RFID encoder support, Fingerprint acquisition, multi-layout card designs, auto-print and user allowances.

XXL adds advanced features like DESFire, Web Print Server and Net License up to 16 Pcs in the same sub-net and scope. 

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 10® (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8® (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7® (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server 2008®, Windows Server 2012®, Windows Server 2016®, Windows Server 2019®, Mac OS X Lion 10.7 (64-bit Processor only) until Big Sur 11.0.1, 1GB of RAM, 500MB hard disk free space, 1024x768 monitor resolution, 1 USB port.

Latest Release - Version 1.7.15

Added support for Active Directory (Database and users login)

  • Added support to CX-D80 and CX-D80H
  • Updated IDP Smart printers SDK 
  • Improvements on printer plugins initialization 
  • Fixed issue in IDP printers with high resolution 
  • Fixed issue when printing to A4 size printers 
  • Fixed UV printing in Datacard XPS
  • Improvements on License Dialog 
  • Fixed issue for all users installation with activation code license 
  • Fixed issue with control panel variables
  • Fixed crash when deleting records in database view 
  • Fixed issue with ODBC Drivers (macOS)
  • Fixed issue with face detection when changing margins 
  • Fixed issue with card Preview
  • Fixed issue with large NFC data on Ultralight/Ultralight EV1/NTAG