Terms And Conditions



Quotations are based on the current costs of production and are subject to amendment by the printer on or at any time after acceptance to meet any rise or fall in such costs.



Work carried out, whether experimentally or otherwise, at customer's request will be charged.


3.        PROOFS

Author's corrections, including alterations in style, and the cost of additional proofs necessitated by such corrections will be charged extra. Proofs of all work may be submitted for customer's approval, and in that event no responsibility will be accepted for any errors in them not corrected by him.


4.        REPROOFS

Where extensive reproofing is required to accommodate Author's amendments to original designs the delivery period may extend.



(a) Delivery of work shall be accepted when tendered and thereupon or on notification that the work has been completed the ownership shall pass and payment shall become due.

(b) Should expedited delivery be agreed and necessitate overtime or other additional cost, and extra charge may be made.

(c) Should work be suspended at the request of or delayed through any default of the customer for a period of 30 days the printer shall then be entitled to payment for work already carried out and materials specially ordered.



Every endeavor will be made to deliver the correct quantity ordered, but quotations are conditional upon margins of 5 percent for work being allowed for overrun or shortage, the same to be charged or deducted.


7.        RETURNS
The printer must be contacted within 14 days of the invoice date if the completed product does not meet the customer's specifications. All returns must be authorized in writing prior to return shipment. The printer generally requires that all defective products be returned to be credited or corrected. Return of product for inspection by the printer is not to be construed as an admission of the claimed defect by special or consequential damages, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the printer.


8.        LIABILITY

(a) The printer shall not be liable for indirect loss or third party claims occasioned by delay in completing the work or for any loss to the customer arising form delay in transit.

(b) Where work is defective for any reason, including negligence, the printer's liability (if any) shall be limited to rectifying such defect.




(a) Metal, film, glass and other materials used by the printer in the production of type plates, moulds, stereotypes, electrotypes, filmsetting, negatives, positives, and the like shall remain his exclusive property.

(b) Type may be distributed and lithographic, photogravure, or other work effaced immediately after the order is executed unless written arrangements are made to the contrary. In the latter event, rent may be charged.



Customer's property and all property supplied to the printer by or on behalf of the customer will be held, worked on, and carried at customer's risk.



(a) The printer may reject any plastics, papers, inks, plates or other materials supplied or specified by the customer which appear to him to be unsuitable. Additional cost incurred if materials are found to be unsuitable during production may be charged.

(b) Where materials are so supplied or specified, responsibility for defective work will not be accepted by the printer unless this is due to his failure to use reasonable skill and care.

(c) Quantities of materials supplied shall be adequate to cover normal spoilage.



(a) The printer shall not be required to print any matter which in his opinion is or may be of an illegal, libellous, obscene or profane nature.

(b) The printer shall be indemnified by the customer in respect of any claims, costs and expenses arising out of any libellous matter printed for the customer or any infringement of copyright, trademark, licensing agreement, excerpted text, electronically generated image, patent or design.



Every effort will be made to carry out the contract but its due performance is subject to cancellation by the printer or to such variation as he may find necessary as a result of inability to secure labor, materials or supplies or as a result of any Act of God, War, Strike, Lockout or other labor, dispute, Fire, Flood, Drought, Legislation or other cause (whether of the foregoing class or not) beyond the printer's control.


14.     LAW

These Conditions and all other express term of the contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.


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