Contactless Smart Card


MIFARE® is the industry standard for contactless smart card applications. With a worldwide installed base, it is a well proven secure RF communication technology for transmitting data between a card and a reader device.

Our MIFARE® contactless smart card provide the most advanced combination of security and convenience for contactless interfacing in accordance with the ISO 14443A interface standard.

MIFARE® products supporting multiple applications in a single card. The key application for the MIFARE® Interface Platform is electronic ticketing in public transport system, benefiting from improved convenience and speed in the ticketing process.

MIFARE® is an open platform, available to any company willing to develop their own contactless smart card applications.


MIFARE® Contactless Smart Card Reader


MIFARE® MF1 IC S50 Blank Card

1Kbyte EEPROM, ISO 14443A, 13.56 MHz
Size: CR-80 standard credit card size.
Material: 0.90mm thickness white PVC, glossy finishing.

Order Quantity (Cards)
Unit Price (USD)
500 - 3000
$ 1.10
3001 - 8000
$ 0.90
8001 - 10000
$ 0.80
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